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28-Feb-2018 01:30

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These are the adventures of a woman, who has dicovered the joys of inter-racial sex..

or to put it bluntly, what happens when a middle-class white woman discovers that she is a total slut/whore/pig for Black Men!!! I'm in Canada now, but who knows where I'll end up next?

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He came in me a few minutes later, DEEP, and just kept it there for a few minutes, till he shrunk a bit, and slipped out.

they were just standing around, gossipping like a couple of young girls.. Either go watch a video, suck a dick, or get the fuck out!! Well, I walked around for a few minutes, making it obvious, by staring at men's crotches, and licking my lips, that I was hungry for cock...

I located a couple of the gloryhole booths, and settled for one near the end..

Mind you, I NEVER get tired of Black cocks, but I was feeling out of sorts..

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I put .00 in the video machine, and started clicking through the different videos.. I enjoy watching lesbian porn, but not that sweet, gentle-type of lesbian, if I want that, I can always get that, easily...if I'm watching lesbian porn, I like to see one girl that's at least pretty,being the submissive one, and one that's a little more "butch".. I love to see a butch female treating another girl the way that a drunk sailor would treat a cheap whore! Well, I got lucky with this booth, as the holes were larger than I've seen (and used! One was so large, that I was able to fit almost half my ass through the hole, so both holes were available, so that's just what I did!The guy fucking me pulled out suddenly, and I knew he hadn't cum yet, so I was, for a second, like "WTF?? Now, I had forgotten to lube my asshole, and this was starting to hurt!

I thought about, at the very least, just putting some spit in my hand, and rubbing it onto my asshole, but by this point, one hand was busy jacking off one cock, and the other hand was holding the cock that was in my mouth, so I just said fuck it...

Within 5 minutes, he started pounding the wall with his hips, and gave me a decent sized load.. Whoever was eating my pussy, had me nice and wet, and didn't even try to slide his cock in easy..