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29-Nov-2017 01:28

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I think the way that local churches can practically help godly marriages happen outside of telling single men to “man up” and telling single women to “stop waiting around to be active in your single life” — though I do think there is a space for telling single men and women this. What does it look like to serve, love, and encourage your wife? What does it look like to be a man of God in relation to your wife?

Personally, I try to do this by having single men into our home. I will help set the table, and then afterwards that young man gets to help me do the dishes.

I am going to be real cautious about saying there is such a thing as “too fast.” What I would rather ask is this: What’s driving the speed?

If mere physical attraction or some kind of emotive, frilly, this-is-the-one weirdness is driving the speed, then, yes.

So, in that way, I’m encouraged by what technology has to offer.

” What role should the church community play in deciding who and when to marry?

And so I think the church really serves and helps Christian singles consider marriage and consider dating.

Within the covenant community of faith, there should be those around a person that can speak of their reputation and whether they are serious about growing in the Lord and putting sin to death in their life. Is there seriousness in this person to grow in their relationship and understanding with the Lord?

If I can get that 24-year-old single guy with a 38-year-old married man, then I have high hopes for how that 24-year-old will see, understand, and desire marriage.

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But then on top of that I think what you celebrate and how you celebrate is important.

Any advice for inviting others into a relationship to that end? But I think what we want to do is work really hard in our churches to create a culture of discipleship.

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