Dating when you are middle aged

17-Jun-2018 18:44

“Our thoughts are with the family at this sad time.” Writing on their blog,, the couple said they were renting out their home and trying to live on £100 a day.They said: “We are Hilary and Roger, a married couple from England/Scotland who are in their mid-50s.Even though they tended to have sex less often, these women discovered that their satisfaction has actually increased with age.The women put this down to more self-confidence, better communication skills – such as the ability to persuade their male partner's to take drugs for erectile dysfunction – and greater self-knowledge.Despite a decline in reaction times and other physical changes, elderly motorists tend to adapt to this by driving more carefully.A British man on the final leg of a so-called “middle-aged gap year” with his wife has fallen to his death in India, moments after taking photographs.“He put his equipment down and then he fell.” The spokesman added: “They were the most happily married couple I have ever known.They were just so devoted to each other.” A Foreign Office spokesman said: “We are providing assistance to the family of a British man following his tragic death in India on 13 October.

Mr Stotesbury, a father of two grown-up children from Oxford, was travelling with wife Hilary when tragedy struck.As a marriage and family therapist who is often asked about sexuality, I was intrigued by this finding and decided to do some research of my own.Here's what I found.a sex and relationship psychotherapist and the chair of the British Association of Sexual Education (BASE) said, '' This research points to a number of interesting findings.“Hilary’s motto is ‘just do it’ whilst Roger’s is ‘to die young as late as possible’.

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“We took the view that on your deathbed you never wish you’d spent more time in the office.

“We’ve seen our two kids off into the wider world and we have no more caring responsibilities for our parents.