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"We won't be offended in the slightest." Just keep in mind that if your dream nurse is busy or otherwise unavailable when you arrive, you'll be assigned to someone else. "If a mom has a typed-out birth plan, that plan will usually accompany her prenatal records.

But it's usually not read until she comes in, and that may be at 2 a.m.," says Burke.

For months after I got pregnant, I stressed over which of the 10 ob-gyns at my HMO would actually be on call for my baby's birth. When push came to, well, push, it wasn't my obstetrician cheering me through gut-wrenching contractions and scoring me a quick, blissful epidural, it was a labor and delivery nurse -- a woman I'd never seen before she whisked me into the maternity ward but who was such a comforting, Angela Lansbury-like presence that I wanted to add her to my Christmas-card list.

I'm not the only new mom who's been surprised at spending the vast majority of labor with a nurse.

You can also call the hospital's nurse manager a few weeks ahead of time to find out whether it's feasible to, say, go without an IV or have five people in the delivery room.

You've been in labor for 15 hours, and your doctor hasn't shown his face. Nothing, according to Kathleen Simpson, Ph D, RNC, a perinatal clinical nurse specialist at St. If for some bizarre reason she doesn't make it, your nurse will probably call in another ob, so you'll be well taken care of. Seasoned labor and delivery nurses have seen it all -- and they're usually up on the latest techniques to help you through painful contractions.

A favorite of Mary Ann Lovendahl, RN, a clinical manager at Flagstaff Medical Center, in Arizona: raising the bed, then having moms lean over it and rotate their hips in a circle. Most first-time moms stress out about pooping on the delivery table, but you can forget about grossing out your labor and delivery nurses. "We actually want you to poop, because that means you're pushing in the right spot and that the baby's head is coming down." Still horrified at the idea?

I question whether this quote is 1) as I remember it, and 2) the author."If I had to give the United States an enema, I would stick it in Galesburg (Illinois)" -- Carl Sandburg It is true that Sandburg was born in Galesburg, and quickly left (for Chicago), but is the quote correct, or is too influenced by my spending four years in this dreary town in college (Knox)?

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"When you come in, say, 'Is Nancy Jones here today?