How many college students experience dating violence

30-Mar-2018 19:51

to join the Islamic State, Jaelyn Young took a floral backpack with clothes, craft supplies, and a scrapbook.Muhammad Dakhlalla, whose friends call him Moe, packed a bar of soap, gray sweats, and a pack of Starburst minis.God willing, Jaelyn allegedly told their online recruiter, they would be overseas by summer’s end. They applied for passports, waiting impatiently for them to arrive by mail. They asked questions about religion classes and wondered if they would be tested on their knowledge of Islam.Moe wondered whether they’d be assigned a city or could pick one. She was nervous about traveling, she allegedly told her recruiter—she had never been outside the United States.They would stand out, she wrote, because of her “big bushy curly hair,” but she asked the recruiter to bring a head scarf for her to wear during the rest of their journey; she was ashamed to go uncovered but scared to wear a hijab while traveling for fear of drawing attention to herself.

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“I am not familiar with sharia,” he allegedly told the recruiter. but I feel I won’t know what all I will be doing.”Finally, it was time to leave.In the past three years, the FBI has invested significant resources in tracking and arresting these ISIS sympathizers in the United States.