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28-Dec-2017 07:44

Over the years, inflation ate into the Civil List, and, in recent times, the Queen has grown worried about any signs of royal profligacy.

It’s true that the Queen now has to pay for a lot more than she did with the Civil List money.It’s quite a property collection, including Buckingham Palace, St James’s Palace, Clarence House, Marlborough House Mews, Kensington Palace, Windsor Castle, the buildings in the Home and Great Parks at Windsor, and Hampton Court Mews and Paddocks.On top of that, she has to fork out for royal engagements here and abroad, and for official duties and household costs – her servants alone cost her £10 million a year.That proved too much for George III but, still, at the time, he didn’t do badly out of the Civil List.

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He got £800,000 a year – equivalent to more than £116 million today.Out in the country, the Crown Estate owns property worth more than £1.5 billion, including 14 retail parks in Liverpool, Swansea, Slough, Portsmouth, Harlow and Nottingham.