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Jack's hand clutched my ass, a reminder of all the sexual possibilities still in that room. Jack slapped my ass every now and then, but after a while, the slaps were more frequent, and I had one more reason to moan. A flaming sensation was now on my buttcheeks, Jack didn't look like he was going to stop soon. He wanted me to be on top and ride him while he looked at my face. "Sure, a beer would be great" he said, as if I had offered. There he stood, completely lost, not understanding why his friend was being a duche to the woman was so promptly cheating her husband with them, probably satisfying all of their fantasies like a cheap dirty whore. But after a few seconds of feeling that really hard cock hiding behind all those clothes, I knelt, surprising Jack. I couldn't believe I was about to suck a cock on my own kitchen. The moment I lowered his pants, the strong smell of his cock and balls reached me, I shivered with the amount of sudden desire for that smell."She's becoming more of a slut, seriously, you must be pretty bad in bed, and in life too." It was as if embarrassment surged through my body and filled my cock. Cum inside me and make me your bitch." I let the words out, incredibly managing to sound like an actual man in need, rather than a fourteen year old girl. It became a new experience, he held both my legs and felt my movement while I danced back and forth on his big cock, it was an invasion of my anus, an intrusion, devastating and pleasant. I accelerated when another ejaculation build up inside me. They're actually going to give me a ride to college." My wife's voice didn't wavered as she lied. Let's go, you two can be okay with getting late, but I'm not." "Yes, ma'am" Nick answered, the biggest smile on his face, but unfortunately for him and for me, I could understand his. My wife and Nick looked back to us, both looking puzzled. You're a professor, you can do whatever you want." Jack answered her stare. However, I did not understand what Jack wanted with that, even if I knew that he had something else in his mind rather than just beer. More authority than I could ever muster for him at this point, I realized. I rubbed my face on it, sticking my nose on that black underwear, that beautiful cock making himself noticeable through the fabric.

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I watched entranced, my cock hard and growing, ignoring the fact that it had cummed not so long ago. I let go of the pillow and just cried out sounds that weren't so different from those that my wife made on the video he showed me. I looked at my wife, then at Nick, and finally I nodded. "Bye, honey." I smiled weakly, then closed the door. While he drank, I massaged his cock with one hand, carefully checking all the entrances to the kitchen to not allow myself to be caught.

Jack buried his face in my butt, all the while he spread my asscheeks with his strong fingers, surely making some red marks on my white skin. I didn't understand why doing something wrong felt so tempting, but I guess we all want something we can't easily get. I showed him my appreciation by eating all he had to offer. Our mouths broke apart, and those big brown eyes stared at me.

When he told me through the phone to get ready for him, I didn't think I would do it, but I couldn't refuse what he was asking me. I had the chance to feel what it was like to be fucked in the ass. I had to search on the internet how to do it properly and what I needed.

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She took the phone, but she was already calm by that moment, maybe because of the distance. I got out of the room a moment later, feeling wrecked, and jealous.

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