Pregnancy dating based on conception

14-Oct-2017 14:56

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The due dates on the other hand, indicate the expected day of delivery.

Since, the exact day of conception is also an estimate. Normally you can deliver your baby two weeks before the provided due date or two weeks later.

Once you have added the ideal figure, it should give you the estimate of the day you conceived.

Now, you will need to confirm whether this is correct using your due date.

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In fact, by doing this, you may discover that was the actual day you had an intimate dinner with your lover and maybe you have circled the date and because you were ovulating or were five days away from ovulating, conception occurred then or on the following day.

Instead of adding and subtracting, you can actually count the days on the Gregorian calendar.

Using the due date, just flip through the pages of the calendar counting until you are done with 266 days backwards.

Conception date is the actual day your egg was fertilized by a strong sperm.

This is because out of the millions sperms ejaculated by your partner only one swimmer gets to fertilize the ovum.Let us see just how you can do that in this article.

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