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The Tuff Bowl functions the same and produces the same high quality vapor as the normal Cylcone Bowls, with one important difference. This is still an official Arizer part, but it is designed with an additional protective silicone-sleeve layer that makes the glass much more shatterproof.

If you have had troubles with continuously breaking your glass components in the past, this upgrade is a great option.

Compatibility This care package is intended to replace some of the disposable components of the Arizer Extreme Q in one easy purchase.

The package includes a balloon kit, a 3 ft tube, and a screen pack.

You’ll know to toss it when the solution starts to get dark and a little dirty.

In terms of maintenance, we recommend that you change your balloons, whips and screens every month or so for maximum airflow and the freshest vapor, depending on use, and that’s it!

The bags are awesome my preferred method but the tube is good too. Other than taking a while to heat up, I would say that its second only to the volcano.

Easy to clean, accurate temperature readings, 3 fan settings, and quick heating. I have used the Davinci and the pax, so the Arizer Extreme Q was new to me. A great option if you want quality vapor and you want a desktop. I got a free Zeus grinder with it as well, that is the actual bomb.

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If you haven’t replaced yours yet, or can’t remember the last time you did, it’s time!Started my vape experience by purchasing an Arizer Solo from TVape and now moved on to the Extreme Q. After 4 years with a magic flight, we decided to upgrade rather than order up new batteries. The remote makes it easy for those lazy nights, the bag works great(we don't min dinner the lack of a valve, one less thing to get dirty.). I ordered an Extreme Q from this website roughly 3 years ago.