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(Baumgardner, Numerical Simulation of the Large-Scale Tectonic Changes Accompanying the Flood, page 2) This explains how the continents can float on the mantle, while the Pacific crust can sink.

Three papers will be discussed in order, some fairly briefly. Numerical Simulation of the Large-Scale Tectonic Changes Accompanying the Flood.

This document is an evaluation of catastrophic plate tectonics as presented by John Baumgardner and others.

Catastrophic plate tectonics (CPT) is a flood theory that assumes that there was originally one supercontinent, Pangea, and one large ocean in the location of the present Pacific Ocean.

Intervention by God in the natural order during and after the catastrophe appears to be a logical necessity.

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Also, the heating of the Pacific sea floor in places caused water to become steam and to fall as rain.This was caused by cooler crust being replaced by warmer crust, or mantle.

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